• General contractor
    Project management
    Interior design
    Outdoor design
    Our interior designers will design a 3D floor plan
    to suit your taste, a detailed and competitive quotation
    of your project will be proposed to you.
    Do you need interior design ideas to redefine
    or enhance the look of your living or working space?
    DESIGN ACTION GESTION INC. will satisfy all needs concerning
    the execution of any renovation project.
  • Home Staging
    Our experienced interior decorators and designers
    will be able to explain their techniques and how
    to make your home "saleable" every time!

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Welcome to the site of , a unique design, architecture and project management company. We are the only ones in Quebec to offer such a diverse and customised service. Tell us what you need and we'll help you!

I need a contractor for a construction or renovations.

I just want a 3D floor plan service or technical plans, I already have a contractor.

I need help with my house exterior? Do you do house refacing? A 3D visual of before and after?

And covered terraces? Complete landscaping with pool and spa? Can you design and do the job it?

I would like to renovate my kitchen and my bathroom?

What if it's only for a kitchen refacing? Modernize the whole thing...

I don’t have time to manage my new construction, supervise trade workers, quotations, presence on site, make choices for interior and exterior finishes, can do that for me?

I would like to add a garage and an extra floor to my house?

We lack space and would like plans and contractor services for an expansion project?

I want to buy a house, are you able to tell me how much would the renovations cost? If this home is a good value for money and has the potential to properly meet my needs?

I just want your opinion and assist for a home visit?

Our contractor let us down, can we call you to handle the damage and resume where he left off?

Is there something you don’t do?

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