The art of designing your spaces


A tailor-made architecture service

As defined in the literature, architecture is the art of designing spaces and building construction, respecting construction regulations and aesthetic concepts in accordance with environmental standards and the integration of the building according to its function.

This section of the site on architecture informs you that will be able to answer to all needs concerning the execution of a renovation project of any kind, a new construction, an addition of floor, an expansion, a garage appended to the house, or simply for structural works such as the repositioning of a staircase or new interior divisions.

Service of plans

A plan department ensures you a technically and well-designed project for the production teams. will provide you with these plans and will ensure you of a conception as much technical as aesthetic by its conception and design department.

The work teams of will also be made available to you so that your project wiil be well carried out. By way of carpentry, electricity, plumbing or any required trade worker, guarantees the work of its work teams and the customer can benefit from an efficient work, in synchronicity, without loss of time, well realized and according to the plans approved by the customer.

Outdoor Renovations

  • Change exterior siding
  • Change / add / remove openings (doors and windows)
  • Addition of a covered terrace, outdoor pavilion, canopy
  • Patio, balcony, terrace with summer kitchen, pool deck
  • Landscaping, asphalting, interbloc, swimming pools,

Assign your project to

New construction

Interior Renovations

  • Expansion
  • Addition of floor
  • Adding a separate garage or annexed to the house
  • Reposition the house on new foundations (adding a basement)
  • Repositioning a staircase
  • Rebuild interior divisions

Would you like more information about our architectural services, please contact 418 554-7376. We serve the city of Quebec and its surroundings.

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