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A unique service.

Depending on a need that people have asked us frequently, we accompany people in the process of buying properties.

In the first place, we will accompany you for a visit of the coveted property. will help the client determine on the spot whether his or her property will have the potential to accommodate and house all family members according to current and future needs.

Secondly, if renovations are to be made, we will be able to tell you the extent, the profitability and the costs, from the first visit. A more in-depth financial evaluation of the costs of the work can be provided to help you apply for funding and plan your budget.

If the purchase of this property materializes, we will work together on an action plan for the work to be done. will offer you a turnkey service to execute the interior, exterior, structural works, etc. including the planning service, the trade workers and the project management.

This service is unique and will save you a lot of time and money. You will be able to go forward in complete peace, knowing that your purchase is the best for your needs and respects your budget.

Home staging

We also offer home staging services that enable the development of your home at a lower cost, for a quick sale. More than 90% of real estate purchases are made after a coup de coeur. Home staging makes it possible to present your home in its best light by a refined decoration. The choice of colors that will please, the addition of well-chosen decoration elements, the enhancement of the most inviting elements (a fireplace, for example) as well as the refined presentation are effective home staging techniques.


With minimal monetary investment, home staging creates a decor that will appeal to potential buyers. Home staging literally means "staging the house". It's about creating an "image" that will immediately appeal, a bit like presenting a product. The goal of home staging is to offer a dream, a desire to inhabit the space.

To book our home staging services

Contact us to book our home staging services . Our experienced decorators and interior designers will be able to explain their techniques and show you how to make your house "saleable" at all times!

Home staging in Beauport, Lévis, Quebec and Ste-Foy

Take advantage of our home staging service to sell your property faster.
Contact the team for more information. We serve the cities of Beauport, Lévis, Québec and Ste-Foy.

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